: as upholsterer, to me, the first quality is to listen to the demanding, whatever it is. For a need (of renovation), a dream (of decoration), a need to maintain and/or the whish to be pleased, the challenge is often big. But the most important is the possibility to achieve the work.

RESPECT: respect for my interlocutors (customers, partners, suppliers) / respect for the places of work (art, history, heritage) / respect for the furnitures, for materials, whatever their type is.

PRECISION & CARE: work of tapistry is based on thoroughness. Time should not count as the goal is to offer a beautiful work. All the furnishes which are entrusted to us is used with the biggest care.

DISCRETION: silence is gold when you have to serve a demanding from any customers who trust you.

ADVICE: I answer to all your questions. If you are not sure about a material, a tissu, I can advice you in your choice.